Private Health insurance

Private Health insurance provides access to top-quality medical care when you and your family are sick or injured 

Howden’s expertise, footprint in the market and solid relationships with insurers means we can arrange insurance that fits your needs precisely, without paying too much. 

Policy Highlights

 No stringent medical underwriting requirements

We can provide quality cover without having to answer too many questions. 

Extensive network of doctors, hospitals and dentists

Get cashless access to accredited doctors all over the country. 

Dedicated expert claims team

Our claims team is there to guide you, helping to speed up claims payments and answer any questions you have and provide the required support to help get claims approved. 

Access to telemedicine services (through our expert medical partners) 

You can choose insurance policies that let your people speak to a qualified doctor and access prescription services via video conferencing - a big asset when your it's not convenient to get to surgery. 

Book appointments and manage claims via mobile apps  

We help simplify the process, providing technology to make it easy. Our medical app, Smartie, analyses the usage habits and health profile of each of your employees – how often they seek medical help, the type of treatment they receive, how much they pay, and more.

It then recommends nearby alternative providers that offer the same services for less money – or even for free. To find out more, get in touch. 

Things to be aware of

Named Perils Policy

Health Insurance generally works as “a Named Perils” policy. This means that the policy document will specifically state all the conditions that are covered. Anything that is not listed is not covered. Your Howden consultant will take the time to make sure you properly understand what you are buying. 

Some Pre-Existing Conditions may be excluded (on the lower-priced policies)

This is one of the most common conditions in Health Insurance. 

As Health Insurance is a Named Perils cover, some pre-existing conditions are excluded from the lower premium policies. It is very important to check whether any conditions are excluded. Your Howden consultant will help you get the coverage you need to achieve peace of mind. 

Who is the cover with?

Howden secures cover with insurers with financial stability deep expertise in medical and life insurance. These insurers may be in local markets and international specialty markets. All the insurers we use are well respected, have extremely stable finances and will be viable long term. 

From initial diagnosis to final consultation, you can get the treatment you need more quickly and with less fuss. When it comes to your health, why settle for anything less than the best?

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