Information to employees

As a business, you don't fully benefit from your investments in employee benefits if no one knows about them. Additionally, as an employer, you have a significant responsibility to provide information to your employees.

As insurance brokers, we ensure that employees are familiar with their employer's arrangements, and that the company's investments are as valued by employees as possible.

Informational material

Employees need an overview of the pension and insurance benefits offered by the company. We provide the necessary information to employees and help them understand their insurance policies. We do this by creating the necessary information material, including customized information letters, product sheets, and informational brochures.

Informational meetings

Our informational meetings provide necessary information to employees, and they also have the opportunity to ask questions. Pension and insurance policies can be complex for many employees, and it can be difficult to determine one's own insurance needs. Howden has extensive experience in conducting informational meetings that highlight pension and insurance policies for employees. The topics in our informational meetings are suitable for all age groups, including those in their early career, mid-career, and those approaching retirement.

A good supplement to a general informational meeting for all employees is tailored meetings for selected employee groups. This could include the company's seniors, new employees, or employees who are particularly affected by changes in pension and insurance agreements.

In cases where it is difficult to arrange a general informational meeting, we can adapt the time and number of meetings to each customer. Employees also have access to the presentation material and receive a description of the pension and insurance policies in the form of a brochure.

We also arrange informational meetings in English.

Compensation calculator

How much will I or my survivors receive in the event of death, disability, or incapacity? Our compensation calculator can provide you with the answer.

In the insurance documents, it is often difficult to understand what compensation you will receive in different circumstances. Compensation may depend on salary, marital status, and whether or not one supports children.

The compensation calculator is included in a personal portal that employees of the company have access to. The calculator provides a simplified representation of what the employee or survivor will receive in compensation for accidents, illness, or death.

The personal portal also provides a graphical representation of compensation, as well as an overview of mandatory insurance and which additional insurance policies the employer has taken out. Employees can also find their membership certificates and insurance terms in the personal portal.

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