Modern burglars have replaced crowbars with keyboards.

Cyber insurance is a relatively new type of insurance that is meant to protect your business against data breaches. This insurance is put together with elements from several types of insurances to provide help and protection against virtual burglars.

Below is a description of the five main coverages typically included in a cyber insurance policy:

Emergency Assistance

In the event of a suspected data breach, you need to act quickly. It could be late at night, someone clicked on a link, and something "strange" happened. Should you wait and see or report it, and what can you really do? If your business has cyber insurance, you can call a 24/7 hotline where IT experts are available to help you quickly, provide advice, and guide you further.

Data Reconstruction

The situation is that your computers have been infected, you don't have access to emails or cloud services. The cyber insurance will cover the cost of IT assistance to give you access again so that operations can continue as before.


One of the most common data breaches is to infect computer systems with viruses that encrypt data. Sometimes it doesn't help to get help from IT experts because the data is locked with encryption that is too advanced. Hackers want a payment to open up the documents. In such cases, your business may be reimbursed for costs and assistance with extortion.

Business Interruption

With more serious data breaches, your computer systems may be down for a longer period. The result can be a decline in revenue because you are unable to maintain production or have to turn down projects. The cyber insurance will cover your financial loss, the business interruption.


One of many consequences of a cyber attack is that you may face claims from customers or others. Sensitive customer information has been compromised, and dissatisfied customers suffer financial losses as a result. You are being sued and risk having to pay compensation. Therefore, all cyber insurance policies include liability coverage, which covers legal assistance to address claims. And if your business is found liable for damages, the insurance will also pay compensation to third parties.

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