Product Recall & Contamination insurance

Product Recall insurance helps companies avoid the expense of recalling, replacing, and destroying defective goods. It can also help limit the damage to your company’s reputation - and your bottom-line. 

No matter how careful your manufacturing process, accidents can happen. Faulty machinery, user error, or even damage in transit can result in defective products. And with tough contracts passing costs up the supply chain, it often falls to manufacturers to pick up the bill when an item is recalled.

Most of the Recall Insurance on the market is unexpectedly limited. While the title might sound good, the small print excludes many of the risks that your company faces – leaving you without protection when you need it most. At Howden, we tailor our policies to the exact needs of our clients. Our experience working with suppliers, OEMs and finished product manufacturers gives us a thorough understanding of the exposures our clients face. We analyse contractual demands, supply chains, and manufacturing processes to ensure that your policy will respond how and when you need it to – every time.

Product Liability

Covers the cost of damage to persons or property caused by a defective product

Product Recall

Covers the cost of trying to avoid that damage before it can occur

If one of your products is recalled a Howden policy can, for example, cover the cost of:

  • Communicating the incident to your customers
  • Replacement and repair of defective products
  • Recalling and transporting the goods
  • Destruction of defective products
  • Over-time work
  • Loss of income
  • Product value
  • Financial loss 
  • Brand repair cost

The Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance gives the Commissioner of Customs and Excise the power to prohibit a person from supplying certain goods, and require them to recall products that are unsafe. This can be expensive, time-consuming, and harmful to a company’s reputation. Comprehensive insurance can protect you from the fall-out.

Don’t be let down by off-the-shelf Recall Insurance. We have seen cases where a company’s policy excluded the very product they manufactured, and where the largest costs of a recall incident were excluded.

Why pay for cover that won’t protect you, when you can build a policy that will?

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