Group Medical insurance

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As an employer, your staff are your most valuable assets. Their talents are what your business relies on – and their health is what keeps them going. Private Health insurance is an investment in your team and your business. 

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If your employees get sick, what is the impact on your business? With satisfaction ratings dropping each year and waiting lists getting longer, public healthcare is becoming a less attractive option in Hong Kong. Private Health insurance can help your staff get back on their feet faster.

Policy Highlights

Choose between cashless and reimbursement care – 100+ members

We know that not everyone prefers the cashless care service. That’s why we let you choose between the cashless and reimbursement systems.
If you choose the reimbursement system, we will handle the documentation for you and offer your employees health consultancy related to their claims.

Dedicated expert claims team

Our claims team is there to guide you, helping to speed up claims payments and answer any questions you have.

Optional 24/7 medical helpline

Some insurance providers offer 24-hour claims consultancy, with qualified medical staff to answer your employees’ questions about diagnoses, side effects, and health concerns. If you would like to offer your staff this benefit, we will find an insurer to suit.

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Things to be aware of

Named Perils Policy

Health insurance is almost always agreed on a Named Perils policy. This means that the policy document will specifically state the conditions that are covered. Anything that is not listed is not covered. 

Excluded Pre-Existing Conditions

This is one of the most common conditions in Health insurance. As Health insurance is a Named Perils cover, some pre-existing conditions are excluded from lower premium policies. It is very important to check whether any conditions are excluded, as this will affect the treatments that your employees can access. 

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