Motor Fleet insurance

We've provided specialist motor cover to businesses for many years. Our dedicated team deals exclusively with fleets of all shapes and sizes. We're committed to finding sustainable, cost-effective insurance solutions to keep your people and your vehicles protected. 

We can provide bespoke arrangements for a variety of differing client needs.

Through our relationship with specialist underwriters, we can provide cover to commercial fleets of ten or more powered vehicles. We can cover businesses including, for example:

Emergency Services / First Responders

Fire engines, police trucks, ambulances, armoured vehicles.

Waste Management companies

Garbage trucks, skip loaders

Construction and Energy firms

Mobile cranes, lorries, cement mixers, tipper trucks

Transportation and delivery businesses

Cars, vans, buses, taxis, limousines, delivery vans, refrigerated lorries, trucks and vans

Policy Highlights

24-hour claims line

We are there when you need us, whatever time of day or night. 

Legal expenses covered

If you need legal assistance following an accident, we’ve got you covered. Because such expenses can rapidly mount up. 

Cover for five or more vehicles

There are no maximum limits on the number of vehicles on the policy, you simply need to keep us informed as your fleet grows. 

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