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Solid protection for bigger risks

At Howden, we'll keep your plans covered at every stage of the real estate risk lifecycle.

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Transferring bigger risks

In real estate, big risks loom throughout lifecycle. An experienced insurance partner with the right specialist skills will give you the right support when things go wrong, ensuring that any claims are resolved quickly and effectively.

We stand up for our clients’ interests and give you the confidence to keep your business going.

Insight-based solutions

Whether you are using trusts or need protection against delays in project completion, we can help protect your project from potential risks cost-effectively. We can carry out a no obligation risk review and find out how we can save you money and stress.

The right wording for your business

The proof of the strength of your insurance is when a claim arises. We build bespoke contracts for client satisfaction and peace of mind from the outset. Our expertise means we know where the gaps where claims often lay – that’s something an off-the-shelf policy can't offer.

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Risk costing you too much?

Take a no-obligation risk review with our deeply experienced team of experts and find out where gaps and overlaps are costing you too much, or potentially could cost you millions.

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