Insurance for the Marine industry

Effective protection for marine risk

No matter how large or complex, Howden have the international expertise to help your business manage all aspects of marine risk.

Global marine specialist  

We specialise in transferring risk from physical damage, business interruption and third-party liabilities, building bespoke, cost-effective policies for a varied international client base.

Talent in all the right places

Our blend of highly experienced brokers, technicians, analysts and claims teams have the know-how to negotiate and facilitate claims on your behalf. 

Bespoke loss prevention initiatives 

We can create loss prevention initiatives tailored to your business, including presentations, seminars, training and monthly onboard assessments.

What industries do we specialise in?

We cover a wide array of industries that work within the marine sector, including:


  • Upstream Supply Vessels & Workboats
  • Port Authorities & Terminals
  • Ocean Going Vessel Operations
  • Inland River Tug & Barge Operations
  • Dredging & Wet Construction Companies
  • Commercial Fishing Operations
  • Vessel & Upstream Structure Shipyard Construction


  • Operators and non-operators (onshore and Upstream)
  • Construction and contractors
  • Natural Resource processing, gathering and transportation
  • Onshore renewable energy


  • Onshore construction and engineering projects, from planning, construction, erection, installation and operational phases
  • Oilfield Services Subsea Services
  • Upstream Drilling
  • Liftboat Operators
  • Diving Operations 

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