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Financial institutions face a wide range of risks, now so more than ever before. Shareholder lawsuits, dishonest employees, third party crime, dissatisfied customers, regulatory oversights and cybercrime are just a few of the potential pitfalls faced by businesses every day.

When it comes to insurance, no single product can provide complete protection. The markets have an appetite for high volume, high-value risks but it’s never been more important to present them to the right partners in the right way.

At Howden, our team has a proven international track record and will take a proactive, forensic approach to your risk. We assess a financial institution's risk profile and structure the most suitable solution specifically for them.

Effective cover brings together key products targeted at specific risk exposures, including: 

  • Bankers’ Blanket Bond
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Cash in Transit
  • Depository Financial loss
  • Directors' and Officers' liability
  • Electronic and computer crime
  • Investment Managers' liability
  • Plastic card fraud
  • Stock exchange liability
  • Stockbrokers’ liability

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