Professional Indemnity Insurance

Keeping your reputation and finances safe

When you give advice in your line of work, you are opening yourself up to liability. Both your reputation and financial wellbeing are only as good as your last project, and a legal dispute can be seriously damaging. Having confidence in your insurer is key. 

At Howden, our specialist teams truly understand your industry and the complex risks you face, so can be assured your policy is right for your business.

What does a Professional Indemnity (PI) policy cover?

Professional Indemnity insurance (PI) is there for you when you make a mistake for which you are sued, investigated or both.

Whether you’re working as a project manager or consultant, P.I. supports you by:

  • Covering costs associated with regulatory hearings, including defence costs
  • Paying any damages or settlements

When your business is dependent on your skill set and expertise, you put your career on the line every time you meet a client and can become liable should the worst happen.  

Insurance is could be a lifeline for your business if you face legal action, whether allegations are justified or not. You will need an experienced legal team to defend you which will come at considerable cost, as will liability for damages or an out of court settlement.

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