Forestry Insurance

Keeping your forestry assets safe

Working with forestry can have significant risk to your business, from fire to malicious damage and injury. This can result in damage to your reputation, as well as a long of income.

Howden's forestry cover is specially designed for companies in the Nordic region who are foresters, forest owners, contractors, sawmill companies, harvester and forwarder operators, and paper and pulp companies.

Your cover will protect you in the event of damage to the forest and trees, as well as loss or damage to business assets like buildings, stock, machinery, office and other contents, keeping you safe in the event of your business being interrupted.

The policy is All Risk cover, meaning any risk that might befall your forestry business will be covered in your wording. This will give you the right protection for a wide range of risks such as fire, lightning, flood, impact damage, aircraft damage, bursting of pipes, malicious damage, theft, and accidental damage. Our bespoke approach means you can choose what is included and what isn’t.

What's included in the policy?

Some of the features of your policy include:

  • Operationally Adapted insurance, tailored to fit your business so you only pay for the cover you need
  • Adjustable deductibles you choose to suit your needs
  • Specialist brokers who know the industry inside out and will be on your side in the event of any claims
  • Loss prevention recommendations, risk assessment reports and advice to help you keep your premiums down and claims to a minimum
  • Advice and support in developing your catastrophe and continuity plan

We advise our customers to keep an accurate value of all assets to be able to demonstrate how your sums insured have been arrived at in the event of a claim. Most policies insure the value of reinstatement with new equivalent items, such as installation. We'll work with you to build policy definitions that fit your needs, such as buildings, walls and car parks, machinery, customer goods and works. We can also build into your policy any additional extras.

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