Art, Jewels & Collectibles insurance

Valuable collections should be protected by people who share your passion.

We arrange insurance for private and corporate art collections, covering everything from paintings and furniture to jewellery, wine, stamps, coins, precious metals and many other things in between.

We work with some of the world’s leading fine art insurers to find the right cover – and the right partner – for our clients.

Our policies are designed to give our clients maximum flexibility and minimum hassle

Our clients not only benefit from broad coverage, our influence in the market, and dedicated claims handling service, but also from our motivation to reduce their administrative workload. 


We recognise that one size doesn’t fit all. Each of our clients’ policies is fully bespoke, exactly tailored to meet their demands and needs, with the basis of settlement to suit your requirements.

The only thing standard about our policies is that they’re all unique.


We also understand our clients entrust us with highly sensitive information, so appreciate just how important it is for us to operate with complete and utter discretion.


We seek to use insurers who understand and have a long term commitment to our sector. Depending on the risk, there is an excess of USD 2bn or currency equivalent in capacity in the London market. We have strong relationships with all of the key London and European insurers and have access to all available markets.

Insurance is complicated, particularly for large complex risks. We can’t change that, but we aim to make our policy language as clear and as robust as possible.

We are always here to help

Call us on  55 4161 2772  and  55 4161 2793 or drop us a quick message and we'll get back to you asap

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