Jewellery insurance

Protecting your prized possesions

In the jewellery, diamond, and precious metal trades, protecting your stock is vital. Jewellers and other professionals in the industry are a visible target for thieves and fraudsters, who sell or trade stolen goods for a fraction of their true value.

With comprehensive insurance for Jewellers', otherwise known as Jewellers' Block, your stock and your customers’ prized possessions will be protected.

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Who needs Jewellery insurance?

Our Jewellery insurance is designed for jewellers, pawnshops, antique dealers, art galleries, and other businesses that manufacture or handle jewellery.

A burglary, theft, or accident that results in the loss of your stock can be hugely damaging to your bottom line, while the loss of your clients’ items can damage your reputation beyond repair. Our specialist Jewellers insurance covers your stock and your clients’ possessions while in your care.

Our experienced team understand the needs of companies at all stages of the jewellery journey, including miners, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and owners of personal collections. Whatever your needs or your investment, we can help write an insurance policy to keep you fully protected.

Scope of coverage

Coverage is on an All Risks of Physical Loss or Damage basis and can be extended to include: 

  • Coverage for stock held in store windows
  • Personal conveyance for stock in transit
  • Stock on memorandum to third parties
  • Stock whilst at employees homes
  • Shipments of stock
  • Exhibitions
  • Wearing of items at events
  • Earthquake
  • Cutting and polishing of diamonds
  • Terrorism, war and riots.

The types of clients we work with:

  • Jewellery retailers
  • Watch manufacturers and retailers
  • Diamond dealers
  • Wholesalers and manufacturers
  • Luxury goods retailers
  • Pawn Brokers
  • Diamond and gemstone mining operators•
  • Transporters.

Heists don’t just happen in the movies

Protect your stock with Jewellers' block

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