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Howden Euroassekuranz is a technical industrial insurance broker, working with all the leading insurance companies. Our aim is your advantage: the provision of customer-oriented terms, coverage concepts and conditions. We accompany ongoing change by adapting your insurance coverage on a continuous basis. We consistently monitor the terms and conditions of the insurers, and in doing so, offer you an optimum selection and the consistent adaptation of the insurance coverage for your company. In this way, we make things easier for you and protect your company.

Tailor-made insurance solutions for your company

We bring you specialist expertise in:

Operational risks: Industry & commerce, financial lines, real estate, credit, and factoring.

Vehicle fleet: Full coverage and specialist solutions for vehicles, leasing companies, vehicle fleets, and mobile machinery.

Employees: Company pension schemes and health insurance plans, working time models, and employee benefit programmes.

M&A transactions: Insurance advice for project financiers/investors and with M&A transactions, transaction-based insurance products.

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Local know-how, global expertise

Our Howden Euroassekuranz teams operate locally from offices in Munich, Regensburg, Cologne, Frankfurt a. M. and Freudenberg. As part of Howden, we have access to a global network of professional market expertise.

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How we operate

Sometimes you only see what’s obvious. We also see the hidden risks.

Local expertise coupled with internationally experienced insurance management is one of the biggest plus points that allows us to make things easier for your business and provide you with support.

Today, business is global: whether it is buying or selling goods, whether you have subsidiaries abroad, joint ventures or production facilities, whether you send managers abroad or employ foreign staff, or whether your sales office or production is located outside Germany, or maybe even outside the EU.

In this area, we, the Howden Euroassekuranz team, combine our expertise. As part of the Howden, we don’t just ensure that you have an international presence with specialists who are familiar with the prevailing local conditions. We also provide you with assurance in an ocean of global uncertainties.

Which risks should we consider for your company from an international perspective?

The global risk landscape is changing at breathtaking speed. In this area, among others, geopolitical developments and the trend towards digital business models are the driving forces. Both of these are leading to increased uncertainties in the risk assessment for your particular area of business.

Did you know that cyber risks are already considered the biggest threat of all the risks faced by companies today? In addition to covering cyber risks, you should also bear the following things in mind for your company.

Insurance coverage for:

  • Operational, product and environmental liability
  • Material assets
  • Loss of income
  • Manager liability
  • Vehicle fleet
  • Goods transport
  • Goods recalls
  • Bad debts
  • Construction projects
  • Employee Benefits.
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    Industry wide coverage. Local expertise. Worldwide support.

    If you manage sophisticated multinational insurance programmes, with a loss event, you will require local experts who are also familiar with the local laws, compulsory insurance requirements and practices.

    As part of the Howden One Network, we can offer you access to the resolution of insurance problems and loss events – with colleagues who have professional expertise in every conceivable field of insurance. This means they know about your country-specific risks and can offer you an insurance programme which is consistently up-to-date at the international level. This continuous professional discourse allows us to develop comprehensive insurance solutions for your company. In this respect, planning for the future comes first.

    How we protect your business

    On a daily basis, this means that as a business owner or industrial customer, you assess and discuss your risk profile with the Howden Euroassekuranz team and ascertain your optimum insurance coverage at the given moment. This means you are positioned favourably in terms of your risk management.

    The Howden Euroassekuranz team manages your individually-designed coverage package for you from this point in time onwards.

    On the one hand, all the terms and conditions of the insurer are tracked, so your coverage always remains complete. On the other, you can always get in touch in the event of short- or long-term changes to your company, for example, in the event of production orders, deliveries and investments. The Howden Euroassekuranz team can then adapt the coverage of your company in precise accordance with these changing conditions.

    We offer you all our services worldwide and for each location of your company. You therefore respond with the maximum responsibility in terms of both your risk management and your personal coverage.

    If you experience a loss event, the Howden Euroassekuranz team will accompany you throughout the entire loss adjustment process. From the initial notification of the loss event through to the completion of the payment by the insurer, in the area of loss management, we are by your side.

    With this concept, which is based on long-term customer support, we the Howden Euroassekuranz team, have become one of the leading insurance brokers in Germany.

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    We optimise your claims management

    Digital. Efficient. Fast.

    In many instances in the field of value-supporting processes (these also cover claims management) procedures and the data gained from them are neither standardized nor documented. The results are data that display different degrees of up-to-dateness and quality and are thus not analysable.

    We optimize the process of claims management through the use of IT-supported, web-based management systems. Digitization makes us able to model all details of our customers’ portfolios and thus to create a basis for more efficient processes. The system encompasses both operational and strategic components, thus allowing for more efficient workflows.

    Below are some examples:

    • Decentralised reporting, subsequent reporting, and tracking of loss events
    • Fast reporting of the correct and necessary information to the risk bearer
    • Centrally coordinated data collection of risk situation, building values, tenants, operators
    • Separate and automatic handling of certain events (e.g. automatically notifying management of environmental damage and personal injuries)
    • Targeted use of exact claims data for strategic contract management.

    The risk check: certainty for your company

    Play things safe with your company
    With the Euro-Risk Check, you gain a detailed picture of the critical and insurable risks to your company as well as the quality of your current coverage.

    Confidentiality guaranteed
    The Euro-Risk Check is a useful decision-making aid, and highlights areas of action for your insurance management. No marketing pitch. Confidentiality guaranteed.

    How the Euro-Risk Check works

    • Brief interview regarding the risk and insurance management
    • Review, systematic assessment and objective evaluation of selected insurance agreements or your complete insurance programme according to predetermined criteria
    • Identification of risks that pose a threat to your company and classification of the risks according to weighting
    • Creation of clear action recommendations for you
    • Clear documentation for your files

    The Euro-Risk Check can be extended on an individual basis, for example, with:

    • (Balance sheet) evaluation of capacity to bear risk
    • Environmental check (local environmental analysis)
    • Monitoring of natural risks
    • Business interruption analysis
    • Fire safety advice

    If you have any questions about the Euro-Risk Check and would like to arrange an appointment, please contact our experts by telephone on +49 941 9102-0 or with this online contact form.

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    The type of remuneration (brokerage or fee) depends on individual agreement. 

    Participation in insurance companies
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    When providing advice on insurance investment products, Riester-Rente, Basis-Rente and occupational pension scheme, sustainability risks are factored in to the extent that they can be determined from the pre-contractual information provided by insurers. Insofar as it is possible to make aprudent assessment with regard to a comparable or better return from a product that takes sustainability risks into account, this product will be recommended more highly.