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Howden One is a network that gives you access to insurance problem-solving in more than 90 territories.

When you’re managing complex multi-national insurance programmes, you really want local experts on the case. 

We have more than 15,000 professionals in the network, with all types of insurance specialisms.

So wherever your global business takes you, you can be sure our advice accounts for local laws, nuances and traditions.

Why Howden One works

Our trusted partner network is full of like-minded local specialists who believe in the Howden model: unshakeable integrity and a bold entrepreneurial spirit.

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Someone to rely on worldwide

Together with our partner brokers, we have an international network across 90 territories. Whether you’re a multinational looking for a broker that’s truly global, or a smaller business looking to insure your local needs, we can help you.

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How does Howden One work?

It’s quite simple: you deal with your local broker, and they are backed up by a world of expert support, whatever specialism, industry or geography you need.

Our solid network partnerships depend on the following:


When you’re working together, there needs to be a consensus on what the result looks like – no business relationship can work without it. 

Howden One works to a unique set of standards, which provide practical guidance on topics such as rules of engagement, but also less commonly addressed themes such as non-admitted coverage and tax.

Howden One standards are clear and comprehensive. They work in the real world.


We're independent local brokers, so our employees go the extra mile for clients because they are invested. That’s a standout strength of Howden One. Howden and its partners share the same philosophy – a great sense of independence driven by their owner-managed mind-set. We are all empowered to get results.


Everything about the network is built on personal relationships. We meet each other frequently, face to face. Because nothing beats it. In between, we keep the personal relationships using a global social collaboration platform, allowing rapid access to the right people for the situation. 

The result of this is we avoid a becoming a faceless corporation, quite the opposite in fact. 
And the benefit to you, the client? Everyone works seamlessly as a team to service you –priceless when it comes to expediting problem-solving.

A regional approach

The Howden One network is not run from a remote centre, it is run from the regions: your local contact is empowered to deliver for you. We never allow bureaucracy to become an issue, the deal proceeds at pace. 

Each region has dedicated coordinators, specifically appointed to oversee interactions and keep abreast of market developments.

"Howden One is based on trust and friendship" - José Manuel González, CEO, Howden Broking

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For any queries relating to Howden One, contact:

Howden One MD

Jordi Poveda
Managing Director, Howden One
Tel: +34 913 692 182
Mob: +34 652 978 232
[email protected]

Jack Brunton

Jack Brunton
Broking Network Manager, Howden One
Tel: +44 (0)203 435 6376
Mob: +44 (0)793 991 4097
[email protected]

Martin Wicks

Martin Wicks
Technical Director, Howden One
Tel: +44 (0)20 7456 8083
Mob: +44 (0)7767 004 793
[email protected]

Chair Howden One

Isabelle Cadignan
Chair, Howden One
Tel: +44 (0)207 648 7089
Mob: +44 (0)771 232 3427
[email protected]