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The Howden brand consists of a number of different companies, established across multiple jurisdictions, which need to collect and process personal data about individuals in order to deliver their services.

The main focus of this page is on those companies that operate in the UK, however you can access the privacy notices of our non-UK companies (for example those established in the European Union, Asia Pacific and beyond) by choosing the country that is relevant to you from our international sitemap, and then navigating to the privacy notice stored on that webpage.

Alternatively if you would like to access the privacy notices that relate to our international Specialty hubs, visit them here.

Finally, we have provided links towards the bottom of this page that will direct you towards the equivalent information for some of our UK companies that maintain their own websites.


If you are a prospective, current or former client of one of our UK companies, you can select from one of our privacy notices below to understand what types of personal data that company collects, how and why it collects that personal data, which third parties it might share that personal data with, and what your rights are in the event that the company is processing your personal data.

These privacy notices also explain how you can check which names they trade under, as you may be more familiar with these names. The relevant company to you will be that which is named in any client agreement or policy documentation you receive from Howden, or that which is named in any email you receive from Howden:

ProductsCompany Privacy Policy
General insuranceHowden Insurance Brokers Ltd

A-Plan Holdings

Howden UK Brokers Ltd

Howden Scotland Ltd
Mergers & AcquisitionsHowden M&A Ltd
Capital Markets & AdvisoryHowden Capital Markets Ltd

Employee benefits, health and wellbeing

Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing Ltd

Aston Lark Employee Benefits Ltd

Healthwise Ltd



If you are a current or former UK employee of Howden, or are considering applying for a role with Howden, please navigate to the Howden Careers Page to view our applicable privacy notice.

Website Visitors

If you submit a query through our website, it will be made clear to you at that point which company is collecting your personal data and which part of Howden your query will be directed to in order to provide you with a response.

Other useful links

Some UK companies within Howden maintain separate websites from where their privacy notices can be accessed. We have listed some of these below:

ProductsWebsite Address

General Insurance 

Life and Health Insurance