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Condition & General Information

  1. Applicable for insured aged from 1 year old to 75 years old.
  2. Your trips must begin and end in Thailand.
  3. Our 6 plans are available for Individual or Family Plan Policy.
  4. Sum Insured for Family plan Policy is stated in the table of coverage.
  5. Family Plan means Husband and/or Wife traveling with any number of legally dependent children agedless than 20 years old. (Up to 4 Travelers)5.1 For Single Trip Family Plan Policy - adults and children must travel out of to Thailand together.​​​​​5.2 For Annual Family Plan Policy - each child must be accompanied by at least one (1) adult to beinsured for any trips made during the policy period under this plan.
  6. Annual Plan Policy will not limit number of travel a year and maximum travel 90 days / trip.
  7. Sum Insured under coverage 1. for person aged under 16 years old will be 50% of the sum insuredspecified in the table of coverage.
  8. Excluded Countries: Afghanistan,The Continent of Africa(Exclude Republic of South Africa, Egypt,Morocco,Kenya,Namibia and Botswana),Azerbaijan,Cuba,Iraq,Kyrgyzstan,Lebanon,Libya, Nicaragua,North Korea,Pakistan,Palestine,Syria,Tajikistan,Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan and Nepal (for the Climbing and Trekking purpose only).

by Tokio Marine Safety Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited