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Helping you plan for your people risk

Dutch employers face strong labour market competition, the evolution of business needs and employee expectations, making the need for an effective people risk strategy more critical than ever before.

With employability, health and wellbeing at the top of organisational priority lists across all branches, how well does your people risk strategy protect your employees and enhance your business? A people risk strategy that encompasses the employment lifecycle of recruitment through to retirement is vital in ensuring an effective, productive, happy and engaged workforce.

We partner with clients to deeply understand their people risk challenges and objectives. Our market leading team, specialising in social security and insured benefits, deliver bespoke solutions which support clients to navigate the complexities of the people risk ecosystem.

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It all starts with your people

The starting point has to be getting to know your people and their diverse characteristics, needs and risks. Only with this insight, it is possible to determine which initiatives and benefits will actually contribute to improved employability and lower absenteeism.

As an organization you will have to show what vision you have for the wellbeing of your employees. You need to be explicit in how you value every employee and how you invest in this.

There are various sub-areas in which you can exert influence relatively easily as an employer. You can safely start by tackling one or more of the following sub-areas.

The key issues affecting Dutch businesses and their talent

Wellbeing, wellness, preventive health policy, "amplification," sustainable employability, vitality: all terms related to inspired, vital, happy and productive people. They are linked to the prevention of outflow, illness and disability. There are various ways in which employers can do this in an appealing way, such as using a vitality portal or app. The trick is to encourage employees to take action or behave in a way that improves their employability

Appropriate group health insurance with reimbursements for supplementary care gives you as an employer the opportunity to arrange (finance) care. This involves, on the one hand, preventive programs that help prevent absenteeism and disability, and on the other hand, rapid access to targeted care that helps reduce the length of time absent from work.

If an employee becomes on long-term disability (WIA), in most cases there will be a drop in his or her income. Offering income insurance means protecting employees from this setback. Because they are often unaware of this risk, thoughtful communication about it is necessary. This communication not only serves to create awareness of the risk: it allows you, as an employer, to show your people how you give substance to income protection and being a good employer. Be good and tell it.

Absenteeism in the Netherlands continues to rise. The prevention of absenteeism and proper guidance of absent employees are crucial for business operations and continuity. There are many different service providers who can support this, with important differences in their vision and methods. Start by determining how you, as an employer, want to offer guidance to absent employees, then what role managers have in this and finally what form of support fits in well.

Ever changing and complicated legislation, large (and increasing) backlogs at the UWV, incapacitated employees who are dependent on the UWV and the potentially very high costs for the employer. Heavy reasons to make a conscious choice about how you as an organization want to deal with the Sickness Benefits Act and the WGA. Do you leave the reintegration to the UWV, or do you - as an excess carrier - prefer to take the reins yourself? 

Choices with a major impact. Not only financially, but also organizationally, because for maximum benefit, policy and processes must be well designed, the right providers must be involved and good agreements must be made with insurers for the (co-)financing of reintegration processes.

Bringing it all together into a program

The different sub-areas are not isolated, they influence each other. In practice, one sub-area will often require attention first. Always act with an eye for coherence, and joined up thinking. An integrated approach also provides the best possible financing and insurability.

The urgency to give substance to your employee experience to put the people in your organization first is an essential business interest. It is not just an HR topic. So approach it together with other people in your organization.

The Howden Employee Benefits team can help with this. People First.

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How we work

Our service model spans from prevention right through to the placement of your risks and management of long-term disability with a focus on delivering value to your people and your business at the same time.

We work with you to understand what works well and identify opportunities to improve. Together we can validate elements of your current programme and support you to address risk areas, enabling the most effective financial protection for you and your employees.We’ll uncover your total spend and help you understand how to maximise your people investment.

Why partner with Howden?

Howden Netherlands are a specialist people risk partner for Dutch businesses and organizations. Our expert team brings an average of 20 years of experience in employee benefits, wellness and safety. We have a relentless focus on ensuring that quality and value is delivered, for both employees and in turn, the organization.

We help organizations to manage and insure their people risks. Our consultancy stretches from health and wellbeing programs to back-to-work arrangements. We focus on the best possible implementation of services, underpinned by insurances that not only provide coverage but also co-finance many of these services.

We explicitly cooperate with partners for all specialized services such as social security control, health programs or case management.

We are the credible alternative, where people come first, and time and attention for clients is key, as well as a transparent way of working.

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