Our areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise

Construction insurance BW, principal's liability BHH, construction site solutions, GU/TU/ARGE/GP solutions, joint and several guarantees and warranties

Cyber assessment incl. risk quantification, evaluation of suitable FL products (D&O, POSI, professional liability)

Aircraft insurance, airports/airfields and ground service, flight control, maintenance companies, financing and leasing

Private clients, Lloyds insurance, art and jewellery insurance, classic car and hyper cars insurance, sports insurance, competition insurance

Analysis Natural hazards, terrorism and sabotage cover, RE services

Debtor default/ del credere risk, factoring, sureties/ guarantees, rent deposits, customs deposits, SwissMEM

Collective Personal Insurance, Business Travel Insurance, Social Insurance, Employer's Liability & Duty of Care

Public liability, product liability, environmental liability, proband insurance

Analysis/review of the market for collective and joint institutions, advice on models for occupational pension provision, review of reinsurance solutions for company pension funds, review of the market for pension fund administration and management, benchmarking, risk and contract analysis, development of complementary solutions for executives, balance sheet discussions, development of investment strategies, communication concepts.

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Our locations

Our locations

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