Closer regulatory scrutiny, increasingly transparent corporate governance procedures, business globalisation – these are just a few of the factors impacting the risks business directors face right now.  Recent court judgments throughout Europe reveal that directors and officers of privately held companies are being held to the much of the same standards of accountability as those serving on boards of public companies.  Directors and officers of privately held companies are mainly at risk of being sued because of their close involvement in the company’s day to day operations.  Typical lawsuits may arise by government agencies, employees, competitors, stockholders and vendors among others.

Many companies settle for insurer-designed wordings. But we pride ourselves on developing our own products dedicated to the specific needs of our clients – whether they’re managers of traded global entities, public officials, or non-executive directors.  The knowledge we’ve gained managing hundreds of D&O claims around the world drives our innovative approach to cover.  And this global view continues to be invaluable to our clients.

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