We understand that for any business the employees are amongst the most important assets and that a motivated work-force are a key component of any successful company.

At Howden Malaysia, we design and manage bespoke employee benefit and healthcare programmes which meet global standards and which are suitable for the Indonesian marketplace.

Once a programme is established, we can assist you with IT based management services in order to monitor and deliver performance related criteria in all aspects of the Healthcare Insurance Structure.

We believe very strongly that streamlined services and management information systems are key to a competitive insurance programme.

In addition, we are able to provide self-insurance programme solutions designed to meet your specific needs, fully supported by Howden Technology Services.

We are experienced in all aspects of programme implementation and can assist in the socialization of insured benefit schemes with employees, management and unions. We can provide guidance on day to day activities required to ensure that each individual is comfortable with the provision of designed benefits and employee benefit programmes as a whole.