Because β€œThe Show Must Go On!”

But sometimes, it cannot... Organizing an event can be a complex and time consuming process with large financial commitments at stake. When an event gets unexpectedly cancelled or an accident occurs, the financial and reputational consequences can be detrimental to the event organizer and their principals. A performer may become ill and have to cancel their tour; festivals have been cancelled due to severe storms causing consequential damage to equipment, or even injuring the public; events have been cancelled due to terrorism and security concerns; a sudden strike by employees could cause major loss of public attendance at a fair; and despite great planning by an organizer, circumstances occur beyond the events control.

Benefit and Coverage Highlights

  • Cancellation: Covers financial losses including profits following the cancellation, interruption or Postponement of the event for any cause that is out of the control of the policy holder
  • Non-Appearance: Covers financial losses to the event associated with accident or illness of key persons including spouse and immediate family
  • Equipment: Includes coverage for rented and owned equipment
  • Facilities, Sets, Furniture, Carnival Floats, Stands and Accessories: Includes coverage for rented or owned facilities, sets, furniture, carnival floats, stands and accessories etc.
  • Public Liability, 3rd Party Property Liability, & Entrusted Property: 3 coverages with 3 separate coverage limits for total protection
  • Optional Coverages: Personal Accident, Cash, Baggage, Till, All Risks Exhibition, Exhibition Stand, Equipment Linked to Technical Event, All Risks Tents, Wedding Dress, Wedding Gifts, Wardrobe – Costumes – Make-up, Forced Loss of Audience, All Risks Musical Instruments, All Risks Positive, Inclement Weather, Photo-Video

What do we need for a Quote?

  • Total number of estimated spectators
  • Number of irreplaceable persons to insure with the cover 'Non-appearance'; total amount of the Artist Fee.
  • Number of expected presentations
  • Total production budget (all shows) of the event
  • Does this budget include your profit margin? If so, which is the amount?
  • Total duration of the event
  • Starting date of the event
  • Location of the event
  • Admission charge for the public?
  • Is the event to be held, entirely or in part, outside?
  • Any tents, big tops, inflatable halls?
  • Will there be fireworks?