Insurance for Trustees and Officers

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Trustee indemnity insurance is ready to protect you and your fellow trustees from the consequences of your actions. For example, failure to comply with regulations, negligence or breach of duty or trust, which can mean tax liabilities, accusations and damage to your reputation.

Trustees are individually accountable for their actions. Not only that, they could also be potentially liable for the actions of other trustees.


Policy highlights

Cover for legal costs, investigation and expenses

If you are accused of wrongdoing or under investigation, the trust or trustees can be liable for the expenses. But with our policy, you don’t have to pick up the tab.

Defence costs and awards of claims 

Defending against claims and paying out for mistakes can both be costly. Choose coverage that includes defence costs and awards of claims.

PR consultancy to manage media reputation 

Accusations of wrongdoing and the subsequent media coverage can impact more than just your finances. We make sure you are covered for PR consultancy to help limit reputational damage.

Variable limits of indemnity

So that your cover suits your trust and meets your needs.

A secure, reliable insurer

We have relationships with all the top-rated specialist insurers, so you can relax knowing that your cover is in the right hands.


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