The Road to Recovery Webinars: Watch on demand



13 July 2020

Howden, in partnership with Legal Risk LLP,  recently delivered a two-part webinar series to discuss 'The Road to Recovery' for law firms. The webinars were recorded and the links for viewing are available below.

Across this two-part series, we heard from experts involved in solicitors’ Professional indemnity Insurance (PII) giving information and guidance on how you can manage and adapt to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, and its impact on the PII market.

The Road to Recovery: Part 1
7th July 2020

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We are in the hardest market for Solicitors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) since the move away from the Solicitors’ Indemnity Fund in 2000. There is now an even greater challenge as law firms recover from the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown. Jenny Screech, a Legal Professions Consultant with insurance broker Howden, provides an update on:

  • The outcome of the Solicitors' PII renewal on 1 April 2020
  • What to expect if your PII renewal is on 1 October 2020


Legal Risk LLP

As firms start to plan the return to their offices, and clients begin to resume their activities, Frank Maher and Francis Dingwall from Legal Risk LLP discuss key risks arising from the pandemic and its economic consequences including:

  • Client and claims risks associated with Covid-19
    • The right work for the right clients at the right price
    • Are you more vulnerable to attack than usual?
    • Who could possibly leave anything on a train?
  • Financial and business risks: compliance aspects
    • Acquiring practices and teams
    • Alternative forms of practice
    • Loans and disbursement funding

The Road to Recovery: Part 2
21st July 2020

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In part 2 of the webinar Jenny Screech provides some practical guidance in relation to renewing your PII in times of Covid-19 and a hard market. This includes consideration of the following topics:

  • A 5-point Action Plan for renewal
  • Representation and presentation
  • Covid-19 Questionnaires – what insurers want to know
  • Issues to “beware” of when you renew your PII


Legal Risk LLP

Frank Maher and Francis Dingwall continue to discuss key issues arising from the pandemic and in this presentation focus on the following areas:

  • Client and claims risks on the road to recovery from Covid 19
    • The right work, the right clients, the right price
    • Predictable surprises
    • How to protect ourselves
  • Financial and business risks: compliance aspects
    • Lessons learned from law firm failures
    • Insurance
    • Reporting financial difficulty to the SRA