Press Cuttings (December 2020)



10 January 2021

There is a lot of news for HR professionals about at the moment, and the Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing experts seem to have some opinions and insights on quite a lot of it! 

We therefore present a useful summary of some of our more important recent coverage.  

Topics we covered in December 2020 include;

From BC to AD (via HR)

Steve Herbert looks back to his predictions for 2020 (the good and the bad), and summarises the many HR topics he has covered in his Employer News column during the year.

Publication:  Employer News

The future of Employee Benefits packages?

What will influence the future of Employee Benefits offerings?  Some useful thoughts from Howden’s Matthew Gregson and Adam Harding.

Publication:  HR Director

Darkest before the dawn?

The pandemic has seen a sharp divide between those that are now financially better-off as a result of enforced saving, and those that are struggling to get by on reduced salary and hours.  Steve Herbert looks at how employers can help those in financial difficulties.

Publication:  The Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing Blog

Employers overlook remote pension surgeries

Howden’s own research suggests that only 17% of employers are using video conferencing technology to deliver pension surgeries. 

Publication:  Corporate Adviser Magazine

Ana Matarranz joins Howden

The international footprint of Howden’s Employee Benefits team continues to grow as Ana Matarranz joins the group as M.D. of the Employee Health & Benefits practice for Howden Iberia.

Publication:  Business in the News

Soldiering on

So what role has presenteeism played in spreading the coronavirus, and how can employers use employee benefits to improve this measure in the future?

Publication:  The Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing Blog

Our research:  Jobs

Howden’s own research undertaken in December suggests that - despite the COVID-19 pandemic -  twice as many employers are looking to recruit in 2021 as are intending to make redundancies. 

Publication:  HR Magazine

We hope the above summary is of use.  We will of course continue to update our followers on important media stories in the Employee Benefits and Human Resources space throughout 2021.

For more information on any of the above topics, please speak to your usual Howden Consultant in the first instance, or visit our website for other contact options.  For the latest details on COVID-19 & Employee Benefits provision please visit Howden’s coronavirus hub.

(Published 12/01/21)

Steve Herbert

Steve is Head of Benefits Strategy, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing, and is an award-winning thought leader on Pensions, Employee Benefits, and Human Resources issues. He is occasionally accused of making Employee Benefits interesting.

Steve Herbert

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