Meet our people

A group of Howden colleagues chat on the balcony of our London office

At Howden, our people are our biggest asset and our best resource.

We trust them to deliver great work for our clients, and to contribute to a culture that is welcoming, empowering, and fun. In return, we promise to put them first in everything we do. It’s not a revolutionary concept, but it’s the secret to our success.

Meet our people

Mark Fosh

Divisional Director in Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing

“The main message I have received from Howden is that family comes first and I really feel this is an embedded belief here, not just words. The ‘family first’ philosophy means a lot to me as I am able to be a dad first, husband second, son third, insurance broker fourth – which is the way it should be. This belief has meant I am the best broker I can be as it has allowed the needs of my family to be met, therefore I can focus on work.”

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Karen Board

Associate Director, Global and Corporate Risks Team

"I recently moved back into my role within the Global and Corporate Team, and it’s an exciting opportunity I’m really looking forward to. I’ve been at Howden for five years, and in that time I have been really supported to develop – I’ve gained a lot of qualifications while I’ve been here, and I feel that the business has really invested in me. The company has developed a lot too: it will be interesting to see what the next five years brings!"

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Alastair Bodily

Digital Transformation Lead

"I drive digital transformation at Howden, finding ways in which tech can help our company become more efficient and grow. I started at the company in Marketing, and after delivering a successful digital marketing project I moved into my current role. My job is all about problem-solving: identifying where we can improve and suggesting digital solutions. 'Digital' is in the job title but people are the biggest focus for us, not the technology."

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Hannah Bullingham

SME Risk Operations Manager, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing

"During the Covid pandemic, I have been so impressed by our business and the way we moved to remote working so quickly and successfully. I felt hugely supported which made a massive difference to my mental wellbeing at the time. I am very aware I may not have had that support from all employers and consider myself very lucky to be working for Howden."

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Greg Dodds

Divisional Director for the International Team, Professional Indemnity Division

"I joined Howden in 2010 as a Senior Account Executive. Over the past 9 years, I have been approached for roles in other companies, but I have always chosen to stay. That’s because we have a unique culture here, where people are free to choose what they want for their future and work towards it. Howden offers the opportunity to come into the company and build a whole career and lifestyle. We have grown exponentially in the past five years, and as the company gets bigger, the opportunities become greater."

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Steve Ray

Divisional Director, Professional Indemnity Division

"I have worked in insurance for 30+ years, and at Howden for seven. Insurance is a dynamic, ever-changing industry, but what really makes it stand out is the people. You have the opportunity to build long-standing, strong relationships with colleagues, brokers, underwriters, and clients that develop into genuine friendships. Howden is unusual for such a large business in the sector for being independently owned and locally managed, but large enough to compete with the big corporates. We also have a great life balance: we work hard, but you don’t have to be the first person in the office and the last person out to be recognised for good work."

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Alun Thomas

Employee Benefits Consultant

"I have always been passionate about improving the workplace environment. I believe that diversity and inclusion within the workplace will have an impact, directly or indirectly, on every employee within the Howden group."

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Alun Thomas

Tracey Trent

Business Development Manager

"At Howden you are not just a number, you are very much treated as a person, your thoughts and feelings are taken into consideration. Howden trusts people because they know they have the right people in the job."

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