Limitation of Liability Period: The impact of the BSA 2022 Podcast


Howden's Fortune Favours the Brave podcast has been created for business leaders exploring how businesses can harness risks and use them to their advantage. In each episode Howden will discuss a topical challenge or issue and what business leaders can do to overcome it.

The topic of conversation for this podcast is the Building Safety Act 2022, a landmark piece of legislation with far reaching implications for the construction sector. 

The act is extensive with more than enough content for 10 podcasts so this time we are going to look specifically at limitation periods for claims and what it means for construction firms' liability. 

To help tackle this subject, Tom Barney from our Construction and Property Indemnity team is joined by Laurence Paddock from our legal and technical team and special guest Jonathan Carrington, a senior associate at law firm RPC.