What is employee engagement?


What is employee engagement? Why it's important

Essentially, employee engagement is an approach that helps to create the right environment at work so that everyone can give their best every day and feel good about coming to work for you on a daily basis.

It is something that is based on mutual respect and trust, integrity and good communication channels so that everyone can have their say.

For your employees, engagement means that they come to work knowing what their role is, how they contribute to the overall goals of the organisation and business success, and having a voice so they can offer ideas and express views and be listened to.

Really, it’s about feeling part of a team who all share the same goals and values, where they feel trusted and empowered, and good work is recognised.

What’s in it for the employer?

We all want our employees to come to work with a positive attitude, wanting to get the work done, and help your business be successful.

Ultimately, if your employees feel pride in their work and their employer, they are your best advocates to clients, customers and future workers. They are usually more loyal and prepared to go that extra mile to get the job done when needed because they are committed to you and your business.

Another bonus is that you may have fewer absences, internal conflicts and grievances, and accident rates tend to go down too, whilst productivity and retention improve!

But a cautionary note is that employee engagement must be authentic to work. Your employees will quickly see through unkept promises and mechanistic approaches and this can create a cynical and disillusioned workforce very quickly.

Employee engagement is important for your business

At the heart of employee engagement are employees who are happy at work both physically and emotionally. This state of being relates closely to the way employees interact with their work. Engaged employees will enthuse about their role, show real commitment, be more productive and go above and beyond to support their colleagues.

Employee engagement is mutually driven by both the employees and the business. The impact of work drives employee behaviour and small changes and improvements to the workplace ensures that employees feel empowered to be at their best. In return, employees will go the extra mile and, as a result, your business will perform better and be better equipped to deliver value to customers.

Look after your employees with the right employee benefits

Businesses with a highly engaged workforce are more likely than others to clearly communicate, listen to employees, give frequent feedback, have leaders and managers with a strong affinity to their teams and offer the right mix of health & wellbeing benefits.

Providing employee benefits that your employees’ value are a great way to show you care about them, their families and their welfare. They also play an important part in recruitment and retention and can give you a competitive edge.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need to make sure the benefits you offer employees are fit for purpose in a post Covid world. Long-term absence or the death of an employee can be damaging to any business, but it’s likely to have a greater impact on an SME.

Ten steps you can take to boost employee engagement

Happy, motivated employees will go above and beyond to give your customers a great experience. Here are 10 actions you can take to drive engagement in your business.

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