Benefits for Expatriates

For anyone going on an international assignment or moving their family abroad for work, it’s natural to be a little nervous. We have a wealth of experience creating packages that make your people feel safe, valued and focussed.

Overseas assignments are a reality for many companies who are looking to expand and diversify their business.

However, sending people on international assignments is always a risk. Failure rates are high (25%-40% in developed countries, up to 70% in developing nations) and often, good people end up leaving your business as a result.

Get proactive, be prepared

Fortunately, there are a number of proactive steps that you can take before the assignment begins, to ensure that the chosen employee is physically, mentally fit and prepared. 

Before the assignment

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Pre-assignment Screening

Identify any underlying health conditions before any assignment starts

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Cultural Training

Help employees and their families to adapt and settle into their new lives

During the assignment

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Employee Assistance Programme

Give employees peace of mind that help is on hand with 24/7 access to online support and telephone advice on a range of key issues

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International Medical Insurance

At the heart of every expatriate benefits package should be medical insurance that meets the needs of your expatriates, suitable for the location of their assignment

Peace of mind

Employee health and wellbeing needs to be at the centre of any employee benefits package, so that firms can better support existing employees and can attract the best talent in a competitive employment market. A comprehensive package also helps to ensure peace of mind for not just the employee but also their family members.

By choosing to work with us, in addition to helping you follow the proactive steps, we:
  • Provide advice to clients about their international medical insurance. This may involve a fundamental review of the benefits in place and making sure they are compliant. With over 18 international medical insurance providers just in the UK, the choice is vast. It can be a minefield for customers to navigate.
  • Ensure our clients are up to date with all the relevant news and legislative changes that may affect them. 
  • Can provide security: we have partners we can work with, including companies such as International SOS (ISOS). 
Risk benefits
Life Assurance 

Lump sums paid to beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient way given the nationality of the employee and their location

Income Protection (Long term disability) 

An insured income stream paid to the employee whether the employee is repatriated or not

Sickness and Personal Accident (Short term disability)

In some locations, this benefit is more common (and lower cost) than life or disability assurance

Group Critical Illness 

Normally a lump sum payment on diagnosis of a serious illness such as cancer, stroke, etc.

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