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“I learned more in 45 minutes than 5 years with my last broker” is one of the most satisfying clients' comments we've received. Unfortunately, the client elected not to be named in our marketing material, but we’ve got plenty more people who are equally delighted with the ‘Howden touch.’


“We’ve been thrilled by Howden's performance. Our incumbent broker was unable to explain satisfactorily why our insurance programme seemed very complicated and confused. Howden have clear expertise and a strategic view on improving our overall risk profile.” 

Catherine Fleming, Head of Corporate Service and Company Safety, YattendonGroup 


“For substantially wider cover it was refreshing to see that in fact our overall premiums came down.  The transition across to Howden was simple and straightforward and did not involve any additional work for me.”

Mike O’Sullivan, Group Financial Controller, Halo Technology, previously known as Prolabs (UK) Limited 


“...tenacious negotiation with insurers that overturned a decision that would have left us responsible for a loss of almost £400,000.  It is reassuring knowing that a capable and sympathetic team have your back.”

Ann Bartaby, Chief Executive, Redhill Aerodrome. 


“Howden responded immediately and effectively and during those critical, initial hours brokered a solution with the insurer and appointed a loss adjuster to ensure the effect on our customer base was as minimal as possible during our busiest period of the year."

Stefan Gamble, Chief Executive Officer, Walsall Football Club 


“Exceptional at understanding the minutia involved within the Demolition industry. They are honest and reliable and make a somewhat tedious aspect of business as pleasant as it could be. I wish I had changed brokers many moons ago as previous providers do not compare."

Shauna Brett, Commercial Director, S Fallon & Sons Ltd


“In short, you can do no better than to appoint them as your brokers."

Lorrie Dannecker, Group Services Director, Telegraph Media Group 

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