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As we are now considering returning to the office after lockdown – entrepreneurs, executives and employees are asking ourselves some big questions about what it is we actually want and need from the workplace.

(Acknowledging here, we are not referring to the heroic key workers on the frontlines holding up the NHS or society at large, but rather, a privileged community of people who have worked from home in jobs that have not been comprised or lost). We are now all reflecting on what we have been missing from the old ways, people and places of work, and also, what new insight we have gained during this period of relative self-containment.

Covid-19 has brought fast adoption of new technology, flexible & remote working patterns, growth in ecommerce and application development, and new company cultures, in recent polls by Cushman and Wakefield, many employees have reported increased focus, decreased interruption and increased control of personal schedules. But on the underside of this coin, we know there is a widespread increase in physical and mental stress – a sense of isolation, a loss of control over planning our futures, and a decreased ability to manage adversity as the many normal sources of support, energy and inspiration have been turned off.  

Many people have not missed the Monday to Friday 8 - 5 commute on the crowded tube, and this will likely be a permanent shift in how work is “programmed” across cities. Many companies are now considering bringing the team together in one place as a special event (for workshopping, socialising, planning) rather than the normal daily requirement. This could happen once a week in a meeting room and erodes the proposition of monthly rent for a closed, unoccupied office 100% of the time. 

We can now see a pathway to participate in a global community, in a global economy without leaving the comfort of home, through the increased use of digital communication and collaboration tools.

But we are still missing being in different places with other people. The current reality is that what is not scheduled doesn’t happen – we have lost much of the serendipity, surprise and random opportunities to influence, introduce, impress that present themselves in organic multi-stakeholder spaces. Much worse, as we are still developing the powers of confidence, influence and communication in the virtual world there are still parts of the community not yet in a position to adapt for example employees not yet able to establish a productive working space at home.

So, if we are to redesign the workplace, and what it means to people, what should we consider? Four major themes emerged from the outcome of discussions:

The need for new forms of on-demand, modular education that supports rapid problem solving. And we don’t just mean technical content! We need to support the acquisition of communication skills, leadership skills, emotional management skills – how to have a tough conversation, how to ask for help, how to listen to the undercurrent of content. These are behaviours often witnessed, tested & role-played in a live work environment, and we now need to find ways to impart these “soft skills” virtually. 

Flexibility needs to be built into every product and service offering. We want choice and the ability to customise what we buy to serve our unique requirements, and nothing more – even when it comes to real estate.

Working environments need to better reflect our humanity and respect our planet. Static communities and sterile environments are a thing of the past, we want to engage with a more inclusive community and be in places that make us feel more human, more connected, more comfortable.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly - purpose and the courageous spirit of revolution are rooting the best workplaces and companies in our hearts. After so much time in our micro-worlds, when we have felt more paralysed than ever to affect change – we need our companies, our communities, and our workplaces to take a clear and honest position on issues that matter to us now.

Although this moment in time has not been designed – this is not how we wanted to live the last few months - we have the chance now to reform and redefine the workplace, its space, its community and its “software”. Let’s be bold as we find solutions and aim to fulfil the broader and shared human need for progress. 

By Claire Cockerton - Managing Director of Cockerton + Co

Home Grown, the sister club to Home House, based in the heart of Marylebone brings together a global community of entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders. An eclectic membership comprising individuals of all sectors ranging from fashion to finance, all with a shared passion for business. 

The Grade II Georgian townhouses feature seven business lounges, pitching and meeting rooms, a vast function space, premium dining and entertaining facilities, 35 bespoke bedrooms together with an enriched calendar of both virtual and on-site events to support a results-orientated approach for members' professional and business development and grow their networks.

Home Grown are proud to be partnered with R K Harrison extending preferential membership rates to R K Harrison clients.

R K Harrison membership offer

Please note that our £299 joining fee will be waived for all memberships and we are pleased to offer clients a complimentary weekend bedroom stay 

  • Full: £1500p/a (normally £2000p/a)
  • Homecoming (limited to 30 visits per year): £1000p/a (normally £1500p/a)
  • Home House Collection (Home House and Home Grown) £2950p/a
  • Unicorn (20 Equity bedroom nights, 2 half day bookings in the pitch rooms) £4000p/a
  • Portfolio (for 3 or more within the same business) £1350p/a

Interested in finding out more about Home Grown? Join us, together with a guest for a Home Grown Experience Day to include:

  • One day guest pass for two
  • Show around the club and welcome drink with a member of the team 
  • Complimentary access to a members' event (either virtual or held in Home Grown)    
  • 10% discount on food and beverage on the day  
  • Preferential trial bedroom rate 

Please get in touch via  [email protected] or 020 7670 8006 quoting R K Harrison to book or for further information.