Employee Healthcare Benefits

Offering employee Healthcare Benefits as part of your employee benefits package can help you to recruit and retain the best people whilst reducing employee absenteeism.

In the wake of the Global Pandemic and increases in NHS waiting times, growing numbers of employers are looking to proactively support their employee's health and wellbeing. But knowing where to start and what to do can be difficult.

We advise thousands of companies and have won several awards for our creative and innovative approach to benefit design. So you know you’re in safe hands.

Here are some of the most popular and highly valued healthcare benefits. We've explained each one in detail, summarising how they work, typically what they cover and the benefits they can bring you and your people.

Private Medical Insurance

Offering your people private medical insurance sends an unequivocal signal that their health & wellbeing are your priority. It speaks volumes about your company’s culture. So offering healthcare cover, promoting healthy and rapid returns to work, is in everyone’s interest.

You pay a monthly premium and the policy pays out, up to specified cover limits, for any private treatment your people need.

People iconYour employees benefit because they avoid NHS waiting lists and are fast-tracked to expert diagnosis and treatment from experienced doctors and medical professionals – all in the comfortable surroundings of a private hospital
Business iconYour business benefits because staff can get back to prime health and work as quickly as possible
balance iconYour workforce in general benefits because healthy employees don’t have to cover for co-workers who would otherwise be off sick for longer

Policy options

There are numerous policy options to choose from and almost as many ways to configure premiums. An adviser with a thorough understanding of your objectives, will be best placed to research the right solution for you.


  •  Hugely influential in attracting and retaining talent
  • Minimal wait times reduce the risk of escalating employee ill health, mitigating costly long-term absences
  • Protects productivity as health appointments can wrap around office hours
  • The top benefit in most employee surveys
  • Swift appointments, a private room and hospital and consultant choice are the factors rated most highly by staff
  • Viewed as an essential ‘executive’ benefit

Your adviser can help you to minimise premiums, for example by:

  • Encouraging take-up across your workforce age profile to help spread the risk
  • Exploring policies that reward healthy lifestyle choices (such as gym attendance) with lower premiums or additional staff benefits

 Health Cash Plans

Health Cash plans differ from medical insurance because they are designed to reduce your employees’ out-of-pocket everyday health expenses.

Your employees, and often family members too, can typically get back between 50% and 100% of the cost of routine healthcare appointments, up to a predefined limit. Workers simply pay the bill on the day and claim the cash back.

Cover can include:

Tick   Maternity or adoption expenses

Tick   Dental and optical care

Tick   Chiropractic treatments

Tick   Osteopathy

Tick   Health Screening

Tick   Hospital day admissions

Tick   Hearing aids

Tick   Podiatry


  • Quick and easy to get up and running
  • Viewed as a valuable perk, optimising treatment speed and minimising cost
  • With premiums typically 90% lower than Private Medical

Virtual GP's (Med24¹)

Quick, easy access to an NHS GP is difficult in many parts of the UK. A virtual service means your employees and family members can speak to a GP by phone or face-to-face via a webcam, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world.

The GP can write a private prescription or open referral letter if necessary. (Charges may apply, even where the individual might otherwise be exempt from paying under a normal GP prescription.) Simple and user friendly, apps like Med24¹ allow employees to speak confidentially to a GP at the touch of a button, whether at work, at home, or on the move.

Your people can use the service for:

Tick   Diagnosis

Tick   Medical advice

Tick   Reassurance

Tick   A second opinion


  • Any-time appointments boosts productivity
  • Immediate access to advice and medication helps staff get back to health quickly
  • Convenience and speed of access make this a widely appreciated, well-used service
  • Extremely cost-effective

Dental Cover

Dental pain can put employees out of action overnight. And prolonged discomfort and anxiety around dental care can have a serious negative impact on individual performance. It's no surprise then, that many SMEs now offer their employees dental insurance.

Cover usually works like this:

  • Employees visit either a private or NHS dentist for routine or emergency treatment
  • They pay their bill as usual and then claim the cost back via their organisation’s corporate dental plan

So what’s typically covered?

Tick   Check-ups

Tick   Scale and polish

Tick   X-rays

Tick   Treatments such as fillings, root canals and crowns


  • There are multiple cover options out there, so with the right advice you can co-design cover to match your reward objectives
  • A valuable tool to recruit, retain, engage and motivate employees
  • Dental insurance is a highly competitive buyer’s market and we have therefore negotiated a competitive offering with one of the UK’s leading dental insurers and can provide a range of cover and premium options to suit your needs, and we can even negotiate with your current insurer on your behalf for their best terms.


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