Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the beginning, our founders wanted Howden to be the kind of business we all feel proud of. So at every level of our business – from individual volunteering to product innovation – we are working to make a positive impact.

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Sustainability for us means focusing on three things:

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Setting the standard

The importance of ensuring our own operations are the very best they can be in terms of governance, environmental sustainability, and diversity and inclusion.

Giving back

Giving back

Fuelling the Foundation through share ownership to support communities, projects and charities to build a better world, and empowering our people through providing volunteering time and opportunities so we can all play our part where we each feel we want to make an impact.

Changing the Insurance Narrative

Changing the insurance narrative

The power of insurance to play a part in solutions to the major challenges the world faces, and in building value for us and our stakeholders over the long term and creating a business we’re proud of.


Setting the standard

This where we make sure our own operations are the very best they can be. This covers everything from creating an inclusive working environment where people of all backgrounds and experiences can thrive, through to our environmental footprint, our policies and procedures, and everything else that comes with being a responsible business.

Giving back

In the UK, we have a two-year relationship with the Alzheimer’s Society – a relationship that was nominated and chosen by our employees. So far we have raised over £114k.

We also have a number of long-term Strategic Partnerships through our Howden Group Foundation, including the Prince’s Trust and Seven Clean Seas. Our Foundation is a shareholder in our Group, therefore the amount we give back is directly linked to the success of our business; and as we grow, so too does our impact. To date, 641 charities have been supported, £3.04 million donated, 320 fundraising events have taken place and £157,000 has been match funded globally.

A group of people volunteering for the Riding for the disabled charity

Changing the insurance narrative

Insurance can and should help to solve the major challenges we face. This is a pivotal moment for our society, and as a business we’re using insurance to help curb climate change and mitigate its human impacts.

The experts in our Climate Risk and Resilience Division work with brokers right across Howden, developing ground-breaking new pro-social products across different specialisms. Insurance has always been used as a fall-back to help businesses grow, or a safety net to access much-needed funds quickly when things go wrong. We are maximising its potential, using it to help de-risk new climate-friendly technologies and close the disaster relief funding gap for those most in need.

Our goal is to use our insurance know-how to create products that support vulnerable communities, speed the transition to a low carbon economy, and facilitate economic growth and resilience.

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