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Insurance for members, coaches and clubs

British Taekwondo has arranged personal accident and liability insurance for all of its members, coaches and clubs. 

The British Taekwondo insurance policy covers:  

  • Registered individual members
  • Registered instructors, assistant instructors, emergency instructors
  • Member clubs, officials, committee members, employees and volunteers
  • Judges, national and international referees
  • British Taekwondo organised events and sanctioned club activities, including training, events and gradings
  • British Taekwondo board, employees, technical department members and officials acting on behalf of the organisation in an official capacity

The cover is valid when taking part in official taekwondo activities including:

  • Training or grading in British Taekwondo clubs
  • Participating in British Taekwondo sanctioned activities/events in the UK 
  • World Taekwondo events overseas.

    Coverage depends on what type of member you are:

    Whether you are an individual participant, referee, instructor or official, you are provided with insurance to protect yourself and others as you take part in taekwondo activities.

    Every registered member is covered for:

    Personal Accident

    Personal Accident is a no-fault cover: that means that regardless of how the accident happened, as long as it happened during a British Taekwondo sanctioned activity, you will be covered.

    Payouts are fixed – there is a list of injuries covered, with a fixed pay-out for each one.

    For more details, see your Summary of Cover in the Policy & Document Hub

    Public Liability – up to £10million per claim 

    Public liability insurance covers for damage caused to others, other physically or their property.

    If you harm someone during the course of your official Taekwondo activity, the public liability is there to pay for associated costs and damages.

    Additional cover for coaches

    As well as the above Personal Accident and Public Liability insurance, registered coaches and instructors, including assistant instructors and emergency instructors are also provided with Professional Indemnity insurance.

    Professional Indemnity insurance – up to £10million per claim/aggregate per year

    As a registered, qualified Taekwondo instructor, you are protected by British Taekwondo’s Professional Indemnity insurance policy. It covers you for any claims made against you relating to errors or omissions made during the course of your coaching activities.

    This cover also extends to the club, if they are named in the complaint.

    For more details of what is covered and what isn’t, please see the Summary of Cover in the Policy & Document Hub. 

    Additional cover for clubs

    As well as the above Personal Accident,  Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance, clubs are additionally provided with the following:

    Employers’ Liability – up to £10 million per claim

    This provides cover for the club if it is held liable for an injury that an employee suffers during the course of their role, be it paid work or volunteering.

    Directors' & Officers' Liability – up to £5 million per policy year 

    Directors' & Officers' insurance provides protection for clubs’ committee members, directors and trustees of a club, if an allegation is made against them that relates to their management of the club, such as if a third party pursues a regulatory investigation, legal proceedings or damages.

    For full details of the insurance coverage, please see the Summary of Cover in the Policy & Document Hub. 

    Please note: all members should have a current British Taekwondo membership

    The British Taekwondo membership permits the holder to train, grade and participate in events, and also covers them with the above Personal Accident and Public Liability cover.

    For new/prospective members, four taster sessions are permitted under the insurance policy. During this time, they will be covered for Public Liability (that is, injury to others) but not Personal Accident (i.e. injury to themselves.) The Personal Accident coverage starts when they officially become a British Taekwondo member.

    Policy exclusions

    The below is a summary of exclusions to be aware of: 

    • £250 excess in respect of Public Liability
    • £250 excess in respect of the Directors & Officers Liability
    • Participant-to-participant incidents
    • Communicable disease claims under the Public Liability
    • Fines, penalties and punitive damages
    • Nuclear and war risks
    • Deliberate, dishonest or foreseeable acts
    • Damage to or loss of property in your custody or control
    • Risks that require more specific insurance, i.e. motor

    For a full copy of the policy wording, please contact British Taekwondo.

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