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The following are some frequently asked questions about your rowing cover.

The British Rowing insurance cover is for individually registered members, coaches and affiliated competitions, all of whom are subject to the British Rowing policies and guidance, which include the Code of Conduct, RowSafe, Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy and Anti-Doping Policy.

There is no age limit for Combined Liability cover.

Personal accident cover is provided to all members up to the age of 80, with personal accident insurance benefits for members aged over 70 years reduced by 50%.

British Rowing affiliated members, coaches, officials, educators, tutors and volunteers are all insured via their membership to British Rowing.

All British Rowing affiliated events are covered.  Events organised by the Regional Rowing Councils of British Rowing are also covered, including their inter-regional events and regional training days.  This only applies to events which are organised and delivered by the region in accordance with RowSafe guidance and including the appointment of suitably qualified British Rowing personnel.

Any event that is not approved by British Rowing and including regattas.

British Rowing's insurance policy does not extend to affiliated clubs.  Clubs are required to purchase their own liability insurances.  You will need to contact Howden to arrange bespoke insurance for your club against liability and damage to its assets and equipment. 

No, cover is provided to UK resident members only.

The following legal expenses are covered by Combined Liability:

  • Legal expenses for defence of combined actions
  • Legal costs are included for the defence of criminal actions brought in respect of a breach of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and Section II of the Consumer Protection Act 1987. The limit of indemnity is £250,000.

A Claims Made policy means that you are covered for claims reported during the period of insurance, rather than the policy that was in force at the time of the incident.

There is no excess with Combined Liability cover but the policy does not include cover for any equipment that you own or is in your custody or control.

The policy does not provide cover for liabilities relating to motorised craft such as coaching launches. These should be insured separately.

Insurance cover commences on the date that payment for your membership renewal is received by British Rowing. Insurance cover will cease immediately on the expiry date of your membership. We recommend paying for your membership by direct debit to ensure that your cover is continuous.

Yes, the British Rowing insurance will cover you whilst you are training on land, including:

  • Indoor rowing
  • Land based strength and conditioning training
  • Cycling whilst training for rowing, including cycling to and from the boat house

Yes, but you are responsible and should ensure that you always undertake a risk assessment and take appropriate action to mitigate any risks to yourself and others.

Whether the cover will apply to you will depend on the particular circumstances of the incident. If you have acted in a way that is determined to have been reckless, your cover may not be valid.

It is important that you have carried out and documented a risk assessment before commencing any activity. This should include taking advice from your club and heeding the information provided by the local navigation authority.

If you are not sure whether conditions are safe or not, we would advise you don’t row.

Your British Rowing insurance will cover you while you are rowing at overseas training events, provided your club is affiliated to British Rowing. If you are at a training camp on your own, you will also be covered for your rowing activity as you would be when you are in the UK.

However, when you travel abroad, you should take out additional travel insurance to cover the cost of any emergency medical treatment you need as a result of an accident or illness, including cover for when you're rowing. Although your Personal Accident cover still applies, it does not cover emergency treatment costs internationally.

Yes, you are covered to take part in all rowing activities including sponsored rows.

Yes, you will be covered by your Personal Accident insurance.

Yes, your membership provides insurance cover for you as an individual, provided that the event is recognised by British Rowing or FISA. If you are in any doubt, we would advise that you get in touch with British Rowing.

Members and officials of British Rowing are insured to take part in competitions run under the rules of another national rowing association.

No, there is no cover for costs incurred as a result of a competition being cancelled. Your policy only provides cover for Third Party liability and Personal Accident

No, not under the liability insurance, as you can't claim for damage to your own property. You should arrange asset cover for your boats and equipment, which can be done via Elite Rowing, where members receive a 10% discount.

Yes, the Combined Liability cover is designed to cover injuries to other people or damage to their property that has been caused by you.

You may be able to claim benefits for your injuries under the personal accident cover, but your own liability insurance will not cover injuries to you or damage to your own property.

No, any motor powered launch should be covered by specific marine insurance which can be arranged by Elite Rowing.

No, liability resulting from a road accident should be covered under you motor insurance, including towing. We recommend that you check with your motor insurer.

You are covered to coach in any British Rowing affiliated club or any competition or activity approved by British Rowing.

You will qualify for a coaching membership if:

  • You hold a British Rowing qualification
  • You own a recognised rowing coaching qualification from another country
  • You have an endorsement from a British Rowing affiliated club

This depends on your experience within the sport, your capability to undertake appropriate risk assessments and that you are up to date and familiar with British Rowing coaching practices, code of conduct and policies. If you have any questions, we recommend you get in touch with British Rowing.

As a coach member, you are protected by Professional Indemnity cover whenever you are coaching, whether that is paid or as a volunteer.

Professional Indemnity provides you with cover if you are accused of providing negligent advice. If you are a coach registered with British Rowing, this cover will protect you if an injury is caused to someone following your negligent advice or an omission in your coaching.

Yes, you can coach in multiple British Rowing affiliated clubs, or any competition or activity approved by British Rowing.

No, liabilities relating to motorised craft including coaching launches are not covered. Any vehicles and crafts should be insured separately. You should check with your club that they have covered their equipment that you use with the right insurance. If they don’t, we recommend you arrange this cover yourself.

You would be covered if you were held responsible for an injury caused by your coaching, but not if the injury was a result of using the motorised launch. Motorised craft should be insured under a marine insurance policy.

No. The Tideaway Endorsement is a code of practice for rowing on the Thames. Although you are required to adhere to this code of practice by the PLA, this does not count as a coaching qualification.

No, you do not receive any insurance cover through your British Rowing affiliation. As an affiliated club, you are required to ensure that you have Public Liability insurance that includes member-to-member cover of at least £5m. This will to cover the activities of your club and its members.

You should also arrange Directors and Officers Liability to protect your club committee.

A bespoke combined liability insurance policy for British Rowing clubs can be provided by Howden. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will be able to advise you.

Howden will provide a discount on your combined liability policy if your club is Clubmark accredited, and a further discount if over 75% of your club members are individually registered British Rowing members.

We strongly advise clubs to also take out cover for damage to their premises, property, boats and other equipment. A bespoke policy suitable for your needs can be arranged by Elite Rowing Insurance.

British Rowing has agreed a bespoke insurance cover with Howden to protect the needs of clubs. British Rowing does not provide any liability cover for clubs, this should be arranged by clubs individually.

No, club launches should be covered under their own specific marine craft insurance policy, similarly to the way motor vehicles should be covered under a motor insurance policy.

Insurance is required for all affiliated British Rowing competitions. Once all of the documentation has been produced for the competition, British Rowing will be able to share the insurance certificate with you. You should receive all your relevant competition documents one month before the competition occurs.

360° cover means that the participants and competition are all insured to the same extent with the same insurer. In the event of a claim, all parties involved are appropriately protected.

The Third Party insurance provides cover for members so that if they cause an injury to another participant and the injured person is entitled to compensation, there is money available to pay that compensation.

If a British Rowing member was injured by someone who was not insured, it could be that the member was rightly entitled to compensation but the funds would not be available to provide it. Having all participants insured to the same extent ensure fairness and protection fort everyone taking part.

British Rowing allows competitors from other countries to enter its official competitions, but they are required to be members of their own national federation and hold their own insurance. In a competition, you should ensure that any non-English or non-Welsh competitor has their own insurance.

All powered boats should have specific marine insurance, but your combined liability cover will protect you if a claim is made against you following an incident. If there were to be an incident, your insurers would work with any other insurers involved to ensure that the claim is handled in an appropriate manner.

Competitors should always ensure that they insure their boats against damage. It may be that damage caused to a boat, however, is alleged to be the fault of the competition organiser.

In that case the combined liability insurance will protect the competition organiser and, if appropriate, pay the relevant compensation.

When employing the services of an outside safety or rescue provider, you would only be expected to take reasonable steps to satisfy yourselves that the provider is competent and has their own insurance protection. You should obtain a copy of the rescue providers' insurance to satisfy yourselves that it is valid and covers the activities that they will be carrying out.

If you are using the services of a club member, you must be satisfied that the person is sufficiently experienced and/or qualified to carry out the role. The level to which this is appropriate is, however, relatively subjective and would be down to your discretion as organisers.

We would recommend that you employ the following test - if there was an accident and someone was injured, one of the allegations made against you could be that the provision made for emergency rescue or first aid was insufficient. It is possible that you could be asked to legally justify why you felt that the person given responsibility for emergency rescue or first aid was appropriately and reasonably qualified and/or experienced to do so. If you consider this before the event, you would know whether, if you were asked to justify your decision, you would be able to do so.

Reasonable qualification and experience could be varied, from general first aid training, water rescue experience, membership of a water rescue team, RYA appropriate training or any British Rowing training that is relevant to them being able to provide adequate support if something was to go wrong.

The British Rowing insurance provides cover for all members with regard to the provision of emergency first aid, whether they are qualified or not. If the first person on the scene is not qualified, but feels reasonably that to not act and instead wait for someone qualified would further endanger the person in distress, then the insurance policy would protect them if they were to attempt first aid or emergency recovery and then be held liable for further injury at a later date.

Yes, anything your committee does that is directly connected with organising your competition is covered.

If you are hiring a bouncy castle, you should use a reputable hire company and ensure that they provide insurance for the bouncy castle with a minimum Limit of Indemnity of £5m. Provided that you have taken reasonable steps to make sure the hire company has insurance, and retained a copy of their documentation, your policy will then provide cover in the event that a claim is made against you.

If you are going to have a bouncy castle at your event, please contact Howden beforehand to ensure that the appropriate extension is applied to you cover.

Classic cars themselves should have their own motor insurance arranged by the owner, but the combined liability insurance policy will cover all reasonable, low-risk activities associated with your competition. If you are unsure whether an activity is considered reasonable or low-risk, please contact Howden.

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