British Carriagedriving volunteers

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British Carriagedriving and its Affiliated Clubs could not function without the generous help of many volunteers. This section details the protection that volunteers get whilst performing their duties for British Carriagedriving or one of their Affiliated Clubs.

Volunteers insurance

Volunteers are fully insured for third party public liability whilst they undertake any activity on behalf of British Carriagedriving or a British Carriagedriving Affiliated Club including at social events and committee meetings. Therefore whether you are performing your duties as a committee member, judge or obstacle steward, you can be safe in the knowledge that if you were held legally liable for an accident, you would be afforded indemnity under the British Carriagedriving cover.

British Carriagedriving appreciate the time that volunteers give up for the running of Affiliated Clubs and British Carriagedriving Regional and National events.  For this reason they ensure that all volunteers have personal accident cover in place for any accident that occurs during the course of your duties as a volunteer for British Carriagedriving or Affiliated Clubs. This includes indemnity in the event of a permanent injury and also includes cover for temporary disablement to assist with any additional costs you may incur as a result of the injury.

Read through our policy summary and frequently asked questions page to find out more about the cover offered for British Carriagedriving members.

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