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Horse riding and driving is a high risk activity and it is important that individuals have adequate protection for equestrian activities. 

This section details the insurance benefits that are included with membership of British Carriagedriving

Members insurance

Full, Associate and International members of British Carriagedriving automatically receive third party public liability insurance for all equestrian activities up to a limit of £30,000,000.

This protects you against any liability you may incur as a result of damage to third party property, or bodily injury to a third party, arising out of your participation in equestrian activities and your ownership of horses and ponies.

Common examples of this are if your horse or pony kicks a car and you are held liable for the cost of repairs. Similarly, if your horse kicked a person and caused an injury which rendered them unable to work, you may be held liable for loss of earnings.

It is important to understand that this insurance does not cover any damage to your own property or any property in your care and does not cover bodily injury to a family member.

You also need to be proved negligent in your actions in order for a claim to be valid. In the event of any incident taking place which could result in a claim you should notify Howden insurance brokers straight away and it is important that you must not admit liability. 

International members of British Carriagedriving and their support crew are covered whilst travelling for international competition as part of a British Carriagedriving team or as an individual at a championship.  Individuals and their support crew are also covering when traveling for international competition providing they are competing in an FEI International class that is endorsed by British Carriagedriving.


Members do not receive any personal accident benefit through their membership of British Carriagedriving.  However members can obtain personal accident through a broker partner KBIS.  

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Read through our policy summary and frequently asked questions page to find out more about the cover offered for British Carriagedriving members.

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