British Carriagedriving affiliated clubs

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This section is for members of affiliated Clubs and for the committees, volunteers involved in the running of a British Carriagedriving affiliated Club.

A club must do all it reasonably can to reduce or eliminate loss, damage or injury to others and the club may be held legally liable if it fails to do so.


Affiliated clubs insurance

Affiliated Club members receive third party liability cover whilst they are attending any affiliated club event.  Affiliated Club members do not get 24/7 liability cover, you must be a member of British Carriagedriving to receive this benefit. 

All British Carriagedriving affiliated clubs are included on the British Carriagedriving liability policy which covers Public and Products Liability. 

All committee members or trustees of an affiliated Club are indemnified under the Directors' and Officers' policy arranged by British Carriagedriving. This indemnifies you for legal action taken against you as an individual or against the Club for a wrongful act such as defamation. 

Each affiliated Club is responsible for insuring their property whether this is owned, borrowed or hired by the club.  You can obtain a quote to cover club property from the British Carriagedriving insurance broker Howden UK Group, please download the club property proposal form and send to Morgan Smelt or call 0121 6988161 for more details


Read through our policy summary and frequently asked questions page to find out more about the cover offered for British Carriagedriving members.

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