International Men’s Day – Leading with Vulnerability Podcast


Howden's Fortune Favours the Brave podcast has been created for business leaders exploring how businesses can harness risks and use them to their advantage. In each episode Howden will discuss a topical challenge or issue and what business leaders can do to overcome it.

This International Men’s Day Howden’s Leo Savage speaks to former Olympic rower, Alex Partridge, about mental health and how leaders can create a healthy and open environment for their employees.

Alex reflects on the transition from professional rowing into the financial services sector and the effect it had on his mental health. He describes the importance of human interaction and community or tribe to help you feel connected.

Many people find it difficult to share if they aren’t feeling OK in themselves, particularly with colleagues. But Alex suggests that the team can actually be the biggest support system for employees going through a tough time.

Business leaders have a part to play in this by creating an environment in which people feel more comfortable to open up. This could be by sharing their own experiences or checking in with everyone in the team.

Alex was interviewed by Leo Savage, Global Head of Wellbeing at Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing. The team have produced a guide to supporting men’s health in the workplace which you can download here.