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If your organization or association wants an expert to help develop the best membership offer, we are a natural choice.

With over 40 years of experience working with professional and interest groups, Howden Group has developed a unique and broad expertise in creating market-leading membership offers for our clients.

Members are the gold of the organization!

A well-thought-out and tailored membership offer of economic membership benefits can strengthen an organization's trust and reputation among members. If you can also adapt the concept to the organization's other strategies and membership offers, you can create increased perceived relevance both around the organization and the membership offer.

Good insurance offers are actively used by customers and members and contribute to increased loyalty and earnings for our clients
Marianne Hartvig, Director of Affinity

How an organization or association wants to serve its members, build loyalty, reputation or product development is an important part of a holistic assessment. We at Howden are experts in developing this in collaboration with our clients. Loyalty insurance must be effectively managed, sold, and be visible to be successful. Our expertise in strategy, implementation, administration, sales, and marketing contributes precisely to this.

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