Other services

Purchasing cooperatives

At Howden, we are committed to offering services that create profitability for both businesses, customers, and employees. With our broad experience and knowledge at hand, we have developed several purchasing cooperatives over the years, where our market knowledge and volume are important factors in developing purchasing cooperatives that increase purchasing power and give us the opportunity to negotiate highly attractive and competitive terms and conditions for our customers.

A good purchasing cooperative is especially cost-effective for small and medium-sized businesses that are not large enough to obtain the best deals in the market on their own.

Our purchasing cooperatives include everything from personal and commercial insurance for businesses to larger concepts for our organizational customers. As pension experts, we have developed and negotiated a market-leading offer on Individual Pension Accounts for one of our largest organizational clients.

Actuarial and analysis services

Understanding customer data and purchasing and usage data becomes more and more important for businesses and organizations, with increasing regulations related to GDPR, marketing, and communication. Proper use of data and knowledge can make a big difference - both in terms of profitability and in utilizing the huge potential and advantage that proper use can provide.

Check out what our team of experienced actuaries and analysts can do for you