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Build your risk management on solid foundations.

Risk management is crucial in the construction industry, where each project is unique and comes with its set of challenges. At Howden, we understand the complex variables that impact safety, deadlines, success, and, of course, the profitability of your project.

Our international construction sector specialists create tailor-made insurance and risk management solutions. They are designed for your business. So you can navigate confidently in a demanding and regulated environment.

Why Choose Howden for Your Construction Insurance?

  • Coverage: As a leading broker in the construction industry, our scope covers projects and their stakeholders.
  • Specialized in your sector: Our technical and legal team specializes in construction risks.
  • Strong relationships with the Insurance Industry: Thanks to our size, Howden wields significant influence in negotiations with insurers, thus protecting your interests.
  • Expert advice: Beyond placement, our ambition is to advise you throughout the value chain of your construction operation.
  • Comprehensive support for projects: Howden stands by your side for builders - we facilitate all contractual arrangements commonly used in construction, whether on a local or international scale.
  • Tailored and optimized Insurance Coverage for Your Business
  • Quality Management: Transparency in the analysis of processed information and the internal monitoring procedure

Choosing Howden means opting for excellence in construction insurance. We are more than just a broker; we are your strategic partner, determined to secure your projects and optimize your success.

Why is it important and who needs it?

Securing projects and markets in the construction industry is essential to minimize risks, prevent disputes, adapt to changes, and protect the project owners who invest in these projects.

Our offering

  • All Risks Construction 
  • All Risks Erection and Testing
  • Owner's Liability Insurance
  • Contractors' Liability Insurance
  • Environmental Liability Insurance
  • Second-Line Liability Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity (PI) and Inherent Defect Insurance (IDI)
  • Mandatory or Optional Decennial Guarantee
  • Advance Loss of Profit Insurance
  • Construction and Operational Phase Insurance
  • Reinsurance Captive
  • Project Management Assistance (PMA)
  • Actuarial Claims Analysis
  • Packaged Solution for Dealerships
  • Surety & Bonds

Who do we work with

  • Public/Private Project Owners
  • Occasional/Professional Project Owners
  • Engineering/Consulting Firms
  • Construction Companies from Major to SME
  • Investors
  • Renewable Energy Developers


Claude Noël, Director of Construction Product Line

Margaux Molinari, Construction Account Manager