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A view inside our London office, of a female staff member walking past a wall with People First printed on it

Howden Broking is the largest insurance broker headquartered outside of the US. At 25 years young, we are still independent and are proud of our enterprising spirit. 

At Howden, we have worked hard to create a culture that is welcoming and approachable. We hire people with the talent to succeed and the potential to grow - and we help them do just that. Howden is a global business with an entrepreneurial mindset, and we want our staff to be bold, take risks, and have fun.

People First

It's self-explanatory: we put our people first. In everything we do. They are our most important asset, and in return, we help them reach their full potential.

Empowered at every level

We value independent thinkers, with the creativity to improve the status quo and the bravery to take the initiative. No-one at Howden is just a cog in a wheel.

Celebrating our differences

There is no cookie-cutter Howden 'type'. We celebrate different perspectives and experiences, and strive to make a workplace that's supportive for all.

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Une réussite collective et durable

Grâce à notre vision à long terme, nous privilégions une performance durable plutôt que des résultats à court terme en offrant à nos collaborateurs un environnement de travail propice au développement (ou dépassement)


En toute indépendance

Nous continuons ainsi à élargir la base de notre actionnariat salarié, qui représente aujourd’hui près d’un tiers des collaborateurs. En tant qu'entreprise dont 35% du capital est détenue par ses employés, nous avons la flexibilité nécessaire pour réagir à un monde en constante évolution et la liberté d'agir en ayant à cœur les meilleurs intérêts de nos clients.


Bring your whole self to work

We are committed to making Howden the best workplace it can be. 

When you work at Howden we want you to bring all of yourself to work, and we promise to do our best to support you in every way. Our diverse experiences and perspectives make us stronger, and we are committed to increasing and supporting all forms of diversity.

In early 2019 we launched our Respect programme to support a diverse, inclusive and respectful culture in all our workplaces. 

Through Respect we are working with colleagues, industry experts, and external representatives. We are focussing on the areas that matter to employees, including mental health, gender balance, ethnicity and behaviours at work.

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Competitive benefits

  • Income protection
  • Option of an additional two weeks bonus leave
  • Annual volunteering day allowance
  • Learning & development opportunities