client management solutions

What is Client Management Solutions?

Client Management Solutions provides an online, real time information database which manages individual policies, claims and the implementation of risk management strategies across different territories to help you to manage and control a highly effective insurance programme.

It contains relevant general insurance information, downloadable claim forms and other necessary insurance documents useable by risk managers and insurance administrators accessible from anywhere in the world.

Useful features include high level Management Summary Reports that can be tailored to individual requirements.

What are the benefits?

  • Accessible across branch offices from anywhere in the world and so promoting consistency of information provision, entry and handling procedures as required;
  • Provides the latest updated premium and claims information;
  • Monitors the progress of claims and consolidates relevant information into easily manageable risk and loss control analysis;
  • Provides flexible management reports configured to meet any requirements;
  • Automates administrative processes to reduce management time and makes execution of key tasks more consistent throughout the insured businesses;
  • Automates processes related to the handling of a complex insurance programme and create a greater level of transparency where required.

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