With a constantly increasing demand for mining materials and a changing world, mining operations are facing new challenges and new exposures to loss every day.

Like all industrial sectors, the mining industry has operational risks. Some are common with those in other industries that handle, transport and use chemical substances. Other risks are specific to the industry, particularly the storage of large quantities of tailings for extended periods.

Mines and mineral processing facilities are often large, multifaceted operations that have very specific interactions with the environment and with communities.

They are found in remote locations or adjacent to towns and rural communities, in pristine or degraded environments, in areas of significant heritage or biodiversity, in all climatic zones, and in diverse areas. Accident risks and accident impacts vary greatly from operation to operation, probably more so than for industrial facilities which may be replicated at different sites in terms of process, risks and responses.

Arguably this makes the whole issue of risk identification and emergency preparedness at mine sites more important than for some other industries. Each situation requires thoughtful, thorough assessment and planning. Mining operations and mining communities are also dynamic which means that plans need to be reviewed, tested and re-communicated.

Insuring mines and mining contractors requires specialist knowledge. The market is limited due to the serious nature of the risks involved and to the frequent incidence of heavy losses.

We are specialists in:

  • Abandonment
  • Advance payment bonds
  • Business interruption
  • Contract works
  • Delayed start up covers
  • Down hole coverage
  • Employers liability
  • Expat insurance programmes
  • General third party liability
  • Performance bonds
  • Reinstatement bonds
  • Subsidence liabilities
  • Underground and surface machinery
  • Worker to worker liabilities