Our Special Risks division specialises in designing and placing facilities and binding authorities for brokers, underwriting agents, MGAs and cedants. With capacity from Lloyd's, our  Special Risks division delivers insurance products which may be difficult to procure in local markets, or are simply available from London on more competitive terms.

We liaise with markets to offer the relevant solutions for our clients. With a thorough understanding of the specialist insurance market and a relationship-driven approach to dealing with each client, our experienced Special Risks division is focused on solving tough problems.

The team works to create binding authorities and facilities for volume business, but also on one-off specialist placements for unique risks where required.

Product Enhancement Insurance

  • Credit card benefits
  • Membership, clubs, financial institutions and affinity group insurance
  • Homeowner / automobile deductible reimbursement
  • Involuntary unemployment
  • Extended warranty (automobile, brown and white, mobile phones)

Binding Authorities, Line Slips and Facilities

  • Commercial and residential property
  • High value homes
  • Fine art and jewellery
  • Automobile physical damage


To talk to us about solutions for special risks, contact us using the details on the right.