Through the various projects we have been involved with, Howden Insurance Brokers have seen the need to help our clients understand and mitigate their risks, and have expanded our support to include a Risk Engineering Services division.

Risk Engineering Services (RES) can work together with, or independently of, our broking teams to provide support and clear effective risk evaluation to assist your business to reduce the potential for loss, and in turn help with your insurance placement.  Our experts can travel to work on-site, or provide remote evaluation, working with you and your staff to understand your business and provide solutions that work.

Improvement suggestions are provided to take account of the financial and engineering constraints to which industrial facilities may be subjected.  Our risk engineering service is aimed at businesses that are or want to become risk managed but want an independent unbiased servicer provider that works in partnership with them, their broker and their insurer.  Our service is not exclusive to our clients, we will work with you regardless of who your broker is, and provide the necessary confidentiality you expect.

RES can provide reports for a number of industries and help to ensure that the underwriter fully understands your exposure, enabling you to arrange more appropriate cover for your specific need, not a “one size fits all” solution.

  • Brewing and liquor industries
  • Cement manufacture
  • Chemicals – all types, production to packaging
  • Commercial properties – hotels, warehouses
  • Electricity generation and utilities of all types including stand generation and renewables with, here required, associated transmission and distribution systems
  • Fertiliser manufacturing – all types
  • Flour/Cereal production and management
  • Gas operations – transmission and distribution
  • Hospitals and general hospital engineering
  • Mining – open cast and underground
  • Nuclear generation and production facilities
  • Oil and petrochemicals – refining and related downstream operations including storage and distribution with derivatives such as plastics products
  • Other heavy and light industries, e.g. vehicle manufacture
  • Precious and industrial metals, manufacturing and processing
  • Pulp and paper, from timber to paper
  • Railways and other transport systems
  • Road and other Civil Engineering infrastructure projects
  • Semiconductor and Electronics manufacture – all types
  • Sugar production and refining industries
  • Telecommunications
  • Water Utilities – reservoir management, treatment and distribution to domestic supplies

RES enjoys close working relationships with its clients throughout the world.  We have been engaged with a large number of global strategic companies in many parts of the world resulting in great improvement to overall risk profiles at production facilities.  We believe insurers consider such improvements can provide significant benefits to international reinsurance programmes.

For more information or to discuss your needs, please contact us using the details on the right.

Understanding BI and CBI exposures

RES can undertake a detailed review to identify, assess and quantify BI and CBI exposures, provide improvement measures for unacceptable risks to finally improve resilience and profitability.       

  • What is your level of business interruption resilience?
  • How well do you understand the shape and robustness of your supply chain?
  • Which are the most relevant internal and external disruption threats?
  • How dangerous and costly could these threats be?

Insurance Valuations

RES can offer support in undertaking an evaluation of the plant, machinery and buildings across many industries.

The valuation can help to avoid over insurance or under insurance; to support underwriters in calculating maximum loss scenarios; and provide technical support in the event of a loss.

Valuations can be on the following bases:           

  • Replacement as new
  • Indemnity or actual cash value  
  • Modern equivalent/Equivalent reinstatement
  • Declared values