The cargo market has experienced a transformation in recent years as insurers have taken a more analytical and rigorous approach to underwriting.  Windsor’s Cargo and Transport experts joined Howden in October 2012 following the acquisition of Windsor, and our in-depth knowledge and concentration on specific sectors help us to present risks to underwriters with a real understanding of the individual factors at play.  
Our cargo team place one of the largest and most extensive global cotton facilities in the market.  This facility benefits from our practical expertise and detailed knowledge of all aspects of the production, processing, storage and transit of baled cotton.
We also handle a book of UK and Irish meat manufacturers and exporters, for whom we arrange comprehensive processing, storage and transit insurance. We can provide simple and cost effective solutions to the complex exposures surrounding GATT licences, EU subsidies, refunds, bonds, securities and guarantees as well as third country rejection risks.
We are specialists in: 
  • Cargo insurance 
  • Rejection insurance 
  • Warehousing risks 
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