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Employee benefits that won't break the bank

Create a comprehensive and sustainable employee benefits programme to support your greatest business asset - your employees.

At Howden, our specialists have market-leading expertise and creative approach to designing benefits for a happier and more productive workforce. We can take the stress of day-to-day management away from your HR, from handling employee enquiries and training to settling claims disputes.

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Intensive review of your programme

Do people use their benefits? Does the business see a positive effect? Could you get better value another way?

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Never cutting corners, always buying smart

We aim for more peace, for less premium. We'd hate to do a deal that's cheap but with nasty surprises built in.

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Our self-serve employee app makes life easier for employees and HR teams

The right employee benefits insurance programme will help you attract and retain the talent that powers the success of your business. 

Many employee benefits plans are often inherited from previous HR management, with decisions making processes that are long forgotten.

By looking at your programme with fresh eyes, our specialist experience and up-to-the-minute market knowledge can make a big difference in delivering benefits that are both valued by your staff and come in on budget.

Howden can help you get more for your money by reviewing what you're offering, bringing a boost to productivity in your team and puts you ahead of the competition.

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