Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance

Expert cover for construction professionals

As a professional in the construction industry, having the right cover in case things go wrong is vital for your peace of mind. 

Insurance is especially important if you end up facing legal action - whether allegations are unfounded or not. You will need an experienced legal team which will come at considerable expense, as will potential liability for damages or an out of court settlement.

At Howden, we provide comprehensive Professional Indemnity insurance for a range of construction specialisms, including architects, engineers, surveyors and associated professional bodies. Our team understands the industry and the complex risks involved, and can provide the protection you need to carry out your work with confidence.

What does a Construction Professional Indemnity policy cover?

Professional Indemnity insurance (PI) is there for you when you make a mistake for which you are sued, investigated or both.

Whether you’re working as a project manager or consultant, P.I. supports you by:

  • Covering costs associated with regulatory hearings, including defence costs
  • Paying any damages or settlements
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Other features of your cover include:

Worldwide cover

Even if the lawsuit comes in a foreign jurisdiction, you will be able to mount a competent defence with lawyers experienced in both the sector and that geographical territory’s legislative arena.

Non-remunerated work

Additional cover for advice given on a more informal basis for which you were not paid.

Full retroactive cover

It’s really important that your cover goes all the way back to your company’s incorporation date in case you are be held liable for advice you gave a long time ago. Buying policies online can easily leave gaps in coverage and potentially financial exposures that could come back to haunt you.

Our bespoke wording will cover you for any past wrongful acts, errors and omissions.

Other additional features you can have included in your cover:

  • Unintentional infringement of intellectual property
  • Restoration costs relating to lost documents
  • Cover for liability caused by wrongful acts of subcontractors, consultants or agents